I've been on tour in Europe since December. Keeping on top of emails seems a strange horse to wrangle on the best of days, but January has been a particularly feisty bucking bronco. Nonetheless, with great pleasure, I've kept a watchful eye and steady pulse on my keyboard tap, having discovered a great many people with fierce listening ears are talking, sharing, commenting, and listening to Bandit Queen. Some really wonderful and inspired words have graced my pc screen and I couldn't be more enthused. I mean, I was already pretty enthused to have people hear Bandit Queen (the album), cause I think it's a great album with a whole lot of love behind it, but when the feedback comes in, it means a whole lot to know it's hitting some kind of nerve. So many great Hamilton/So. Ontario musicians (Justine Fischer, Matty Simpson, Dave Clark, Troy Dowding, Greg Brisco, Mary Simon, Steve Deeps, Chris Skrzek, Sal Roselli, Ross Woolridge, Bob Doidge) and music workers (Joe Lapinski, Bob Doidge, Andrew MacPhail, Michael Kiere) were involved in the making of this record, and it is with them and you that I share the great news...

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