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Equal parts dazzling and down home, Sarah Beatty's songs land with an impact and her performances might just charm you right out of your seat.

People talking 'bout Bandit Queen, the bodacious acoustic single from the new album!

I've been on tour in Europe since December. Keeping on top of emails seems a strange horse to wrangle on the best of days, but January has been a particularly feisty bucking bronco. Nonetheless, with great pleasure, I've kept a watchful eye and steady pulse my keyboard ... read more


So folks. It's happening. We're getting things down on record. The last few weeks have involved scheduling, rehearsing, prioritizing, analyzing, evaluating, and lots of other three-syllable-plus words that end in "ing." more

Suzi Wollenberg Folk DJ Showcase + Sean Rowe + Doug Paisley + Muse Fest

Lots on the near horizon! I was invited to play the Suzi Wollenberg Folk DJ showcase at NERFA by Ken Batista... his radio program, An American Sampler, is based out of Pittsburgh, PA. I'm delighted to have been selected with 15 other super talented artist from all over North America by 15 other DJ's. We're all headed to NERFA (North East Regional Folk Alliance) more

Fall Tour Dates Announced
In the Soil, recording with Shawn Clarke, and fixing the lab apparatus

So.... sometimes when things go wrong, they go alright. 

Lotsa Shows Apr. 9- 13th: Mariposa Auditions, Songbirds, and a night with the Ever Lovin' Jug Band in Kitchener!

Lots of action this week. Mariposa Folk Festival Auditions, Kitchener with the Ever Lovin Jog Band, and Songbirds starts on Thursday!! ... .more....