Songbird on a wire.




 Full of complex emotions and heady splendor, Beatty's    voice is supple and soaring.


Spacious sonic landscapes,  rhythmic guitar play, engaging melodies, picture-painted lyrics. 


Her songs land with an impact and her performances might just charm you right out of your seat.

Lotsa Shows Apr. 9- 13th: Mariposa Auditions, Songbirds, and a night with the Ever Lovin' Jug Band in Kitchener!

Lots of action this week. Mariposa Folk Festival Auditions, Kitchener with the Ever Lovin Jog Band, and Songbirds starts on Thursday!! ... .more....

January's Newsletter is ready!

Not much to say other than.... if you want the inside track to what's coming up, download the thing already! (in the "Contact" section). And if you haven't signed up for the mailing list... well, then you really only get half the Sarah Beatty experience, which might suit you just fine. Just three chords and the truth over here. 

Dec 14th show at Magnolia Cafe CANCELLED due to inclement weather.

Bah Humbug. In other news... this is the only time you'll see a cat photo on my website.

December 7th Double Header!!  Niagara on Fire and Burly Calling VII

w/ Justin Dunlop in NOTL, 6-9 pm ............. and at Rude Native in Burlington, ON, 1:20 am

News!!!! Nov. 26th, 2013

So, here we go! We got ourselves a new website. After some general consternation with my computer, I sat down and got 'er done with the help of one of the coolest FURI employees I know. I hope you enjoy the experience and I encourage you to click wildly about. If for some reason your experience is not up to snuff, please, please, please tell me via this route (since other folks might be experiencing similar things and might not know that this girl has a deep appreciation for constructive feedback).  

In the midst of its development, I've been writing songs, hatching plans, organizing & playing shows, and breaking my experimental apparatus (at school) through wholly non-violent methods. My office is a mess, but I'm pretty excited over here. I hope you are too.

for now, Sarah