Praise for Bandit Queen

one outlaw women’s call for all to dance upon the everyday mythologies that bind us to our perceived identities and to be whoever the hell we want to be
— A Journal of Musical Things
Sarah Beatty’s vocals soar in every way
— Sawdust and Gin
A striking mashup of psychroots and left field countryfolk
— Cashbox Magazine
Sarah Beatty is a citizen of multiple sound territories as she weaves Blues, Rock, Jazz, Soul, and Country into her Roots music.
— The Alternate Root
Smart, idiosyncratic, generous songwork
— Running After My Hat
A sassy, rootsy, bluesy delight
— Folk Roots Radio

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Equal parts dazzling and down home, Sarah Beatty's songs land with an impact and her performances might just charm you right out of your seat.

You gotta sell yourself.
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