So folks. It's happening. We're getting things down on record. The last few weeks have involved scheduling, rehearsing, prioritizing, analyzing, evaluating, and lots of other three-syllable-plus words that end in "ing." 

This past week, my house was full of recording gear and for two and a half marathon days, we tracked a large portion of the album, live off the floor. In different rooms, we all sonically co-existed. Justine Fischer (upright bass) and Matty Simpson (lead guitar) from the Fred Eaglesmith Traveling Steam Show, and Dave Clark (drums; Gord Downie, Rheostatics) brought my songs to life in ways that I didn't see coming. What a pleasure it has been to play with them. Joe Lapinski captured the sounds and Adrian J. Miller from Humble Roots Media caught it all on video.

With that said...there is still much work to do. And that means, in part, that my show schedule is going to be thin over the next few months. Coupled with school, I've got a lot on my plate so... that's where it's at. Summertime is when I plan to release it, so keep an eye out, and if you want me to come to your town...please do let me know :-)