Well...last week was pretty awesome. It's been a couple days since Bandit Queen came out. I'm in Hamburg, having played at Kultucafe Komm Du last night to a truly amazing audience. Sideplayer extraordinaire, Peter Horvat, and I had a great time and made friends with some really wonderful people. Last week, I got the news that Bandit Queen was at the #1 spot on the Folk Roots Charts and had climbed nationally from #33 to 20. Really spectacular that she's getting great attention. And then, the thing we've all been waiting for, Bandit Queen, went live on the internet and made Mother Church Pew's Album Playlist, right along side with Rose Cousin's new album, and where they add " The album takes us on an imaginative journey where Beatty relays the kinds of stories in her sassy style that rarely get told about women. It’s an adventure worth taking." Which is spectacular! Admittedly, I'm finding it difficult to stay on top of the administration of things, but fortunately, there is momentum for this record, and I'm tre-pleased about it. Have a listen. The old gal is up on iTunes and Spotify.