So. To bring you up to speed:

In the last two years, I’ve led a lot of science sing alongs and told a lot of stories. North America and Middle Europe were my main geo-regions over 5 lengthy tours. Last summer was my most successful festival season thanks in no small part to Joey at Spherical Productions. Highlights included a solo appearance at Moccassin Creek Festival in Effingham, IL, a full band appearance at Pembina River Nights in Alberta, and a duo performance at the Church during ArtsWells in Wells, BC.
On the European side, I went as far north as Kiel, DE and south to Vienna, AT (where my most-of-the-time-side-player and guitar virtuoso Peter Horvat is from and where I'll be doing a science songwriting workshop later in the year). He won’t be at the conference this year… Buuuuutt …you can hear us here in this new, as-yet-unreleased video, Dig Em Up.
I’m thrilled to be playing with Matty Simpson (lead guitar) and Justine Fischer(upright bass) this year. Original co-conspirators and key sonic contributors on Bandit Queen (2017). That live off the floor eclectic concept record about women in oft-untold situations earned me a nomination for Ontario Independent Recording Artist of the Year Award at the Jack Richardson London Music Awards - and I even won. Justine and Matty are also presenting their own material that they’ve been woodshedding, recording and blowing people’s minds with all around Hamilton. And they're first timers!
In fact, there’s a whole crew of newcomers from Hamilton and we’re coming on the train thanks to a sponsorship from VIARail. Ellen Davidson from EdPR and Richard Flohil are coming with too! Deeps, Suzi Vinnick (not a newcomer), Big Rude Jake, Dave Rave, Edgar Breau and Colina Philips, Rae Billing, Corey Mercer and Jay Pollman. If you’re curious to hear more, and more specifically stories about female truck drivers, 19th century anti-heroes, or science sing-alongs, I do invite you to The Hammer Comes Down (#461) where you can hear what Hamilton, our little slice of scrap iron heaven, kinda sorta sounds like.
I’m volunteering with the conference and helping out with the THCD this year, so come find me in whatever colour they decide to paint the Smurfs (Schlumpees in German). I’ve been learning Banjo over the last year and will be eagerly asking for tips, tricks, and insights to fellow banjo lovers out there.
Lengthy a message this might be, I appreciate you taking the time to read!
Have a great conference and come say hello!

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