So.... sometimes when things go wrong, they go alright. Last week I went to Toronto to get some plastic. My apparatus fell apart mid-experiment, which happens in research. So, I had to get some new, super high-powered plastic that can keep it together. For the love of science. As the plastics supplier, I ended up meeting some really great guys who hold one of Canada's few remaining manufacturing jobs. There is something special about a band saw that's over 70 years old, bigger than me, and operated by someone who has immense pride in what he does.

This coming weekend I'm digging in. I'm playing in St. Catharines. One of the finest and most diverse (in that liberal left wing kinda way) arts festivals going 'round in southern Ontario. In the Soil. Buck 65, Dave Clark, Jessica Stewart Few, Pat Maloney, (my new friends) Stonetrotter, Graydon James and the Young Novelists, Bronx Cheerleader, Waterbodies, Whitney Pea, Anthony Damiao, and just about everybody awesome you can imagine will be there. I'm playing at 3-4pm at the downtown HUB - it's free too. But buy a festival pass and go see all the awesome stuff happening around town.

And I'm going into the studio with my friend Shawn Clarke on Sunday. He's great. We're touring together in the fall in Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. Yah. Too legit to quit.