Today I learned that Fram oil filters cost 3x more than these generic ones made by the exact same company, just without orange paint and a grippy thing (which apparently does help get them off). Next Friday, March 22, you can hear back yard Corktown tunnel mechanical pearls such as this when me, Matty Simpson and Justine Fischer do up some trio styles opening action at This Ain't Hollywood. Tom Youngsteen headlines.

AuthorSarah Beatty

Thrilled to be offering a 4-week Intro to Songwriting Workshop under the Mental Health Rights Coalition / Sitelines / Community Arts / Centre[3] banner starting in February.

Check out the new video that Peter Horvat and I put together with the help of our good friends at Electric Mango Film Company! Thanks to FACTOR for cash to help make this video happen, and to Sean Lovering for direction, Zach Shultz for 2nd camera work, and John Challinor for Tech and Mixing.

Keep Shawn rolling in Burlington, ON. Shawn Brush, aka The Crooked Cowboy needs a new set of wheels…so he’s having a party of course!

Come and celebrate with us as we get weird in Hamilton in support of nature conservation….