Check out the new video that Peter Horvat and I put together with the help of our good friends at Electric Mango Film Company! Thanks to FACTOR for cash to help make this video happen, and to Sean Lovering for direction, Zach Shultz for 2nd camera work, and John Challinor for Tech and Mixing.

It seems the whole continent is in turmoil. The populous doesn't know what to make of pipelines, politicians, or p's and q's. Strange days it seems, and perhaps a perfect (or a horrible) time to meet with the people. Depends on how you see things, I guess. Lots of festivals and indoor venues. House concerts too. Hopefully the fires won't be bad this year and close down the roads. Hard lessons, experiential wisdoms, and some good time gathering. That's what I'm hoping for and bringing along with me. And if you're lucky enough to live in Canada, lead guitar extraordinaire, Peter Horvat, is on the summertime bill. See you soon! (and shows being added)

6.14 - Boulder Coffee / Rochester, NY

6.16 - Private Event / Port Leyden, NY

6.18 - Wilbert's Food & Music / Cleveland, OH

6.21 - Mocassin Creek Festival / Effingham, IL

6.27 - Junkyard Brewing / Fargo, ND

6.28 - House Concert / Bismarck, ND

6.29 - Souris River Brewing / Minot, ND

6.30 - Back Alley Pub / Great Falls, MT

7.01 - Wild Joe's Coffee House / Bozeman, MT

7.06 - Pembina River Nights Festival / Rangeton Park, AB

7.07 - Cask & Barrel / Edmonton, AB

7.08 - Koi / Calgary, AB

7.10 - Revelstoke Summer Street Fest / Revelstoke, BC

7.11 - The Royal / Nelson, BC

7.12 - Kaslo Hotel / Kaslo, BC

7.13 - Mile Zero / Penticton, BC

7.19 - Performance in the Park / Williams Lake, BC

7.20 - Black's Pub / Whistler, BC

7.21 - Crystal Lounge / Whistler, BC

7.22 - Whistler Farmers Mkt / Whistler, BC

7.26 - Parksville Beach Gazebo / Parksville, BC

7.26 - Nanaimo Pub / Nanaimo, BC

7.27 - Lasqueti Island Pub / Lasqueti Island, BC

7.28 - 39 Days in July Festival / Duncan, BC

7.28 - Spiral Café (7pm) / Victoria, BC

7.29 - Café Deux Soleils / Vancouver, BC

7.31 - Dream Café / Penticton, BC

8.01 - Horsethief Pub / Radium Hot Springs, BC

8.03 - Artswells Festival / Wells, BC

8.08 - Nancy O's / Prince George, BC

8.09 - Rolla Pub / Rolla, BC

8.10 - MOM Festival / Fort St James, BC

8.12 - Peny Bryn Farm (7PM) / Quesnel, BC

8.14 - Performance in the Park / Chase, BC

8.15 - Good Earth Coffeehouse / Canmore, AB

8.16 - Thirsty Bear / Waterton, AB

8.17 - The Brickhouse / Fernie, BC

8.18 - Bruno's  / Banff, AB


With remarkably talented guitar virtuoso Peter Horvat, I'll be playing in one of my favourite cities, Vienna, AT. This city is 3D in everyway. Palaces, classical music and stunning architecture are in bountiful supply, but hidden in this cities corners and crannies are surprises of the not so obvious variety. Love spending time in this city and seeing/hearing/tasting/meeting its shadows and bountiful delights.  

FB Event:

FB Event:

Last year while on tour in Germany I played this cool show that was actually a science show. Eight scientists all gathered in Berlin to present their work to a general audience, in one of Berlin's coolest and sweetest sounding clubs, Lido......

So on this really cold day in January, we filmed this hot rendition of Fee Fi Fo Fum at the Botanical Gardens in Munich. And at Sophiastrasse (Sophia = Wisdom). Thanks so much to MunichSessions for suggesting the adventure and for making such a cool video (very, very literally) happen..... 

Click to watch the video on YouTube

Well...last week was pretty awesome. It's been a couple days since Bandit Queen came out. I'm in Hamburg, having played at Kultucafe Komm Du last night to a truly amazing audience. Sideplayer extraordinaire, Peter Horvat, and I had a great time and made friends with some really wonderful people. Last week, I got the news that Bandit Queen was at the #1 spot on the Folk Roots Charts and had climbed nationally from #33 to 20. Really spectacular that she's getting great attention. And then, the thing we've all been waiting for, Bandit Queen, went live on the internet and made Mother Church Pew's Album Playlist, right along side with Rose Cousin's new album, and where they add " The album takes us on an imaginative journey where Beatty relays the kinds of stories in her sassy style that rarely get told about women. It’s an adventure worth taking." Which is spectacular! Admittedly, I'm finding it difficult to stay on top of the administration of things, but fortunately, there is momentum for this record, and I'm tre-pleased about it. Have a listen. The old gal is up on iTunes and Spotify.